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Next Story

Protect your Legacy


Our Mission

Acquire & Hold

Our mission is to acquire exceptional companies with established track records and partner with the management team to build long-term value. We want to hold your business for life

For Operators, by Operators

Next Story Enterprises LLC is an experienced team of entrepreneurs, and CEOs with diverse skill sets and expertise.

Thinking about what's next?

If you are a business owner who may be contemplating life after your company, you need a trusted and qualified partner to preserve the legacy you’ve built.

How we do it

Flexible Transition

Everyone has a different vision for their future. Whether you are looking for a phased transition, a complete exit, or something in between, we will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your needs.


After a successful transition, we will relocate and commit 100% of our time to operational leadership roles in your organization. Our hands are used to getting dirty; we don’t watch from the sidelines or the boardroom.


With patient, flexible, and experienced capital, we will build upon an already solid reputation and grow the business to the next level. We will do this by respecting what has made your company successful: your employees, clients, and stakeholders.


Get in Touch

If you are a business owner and are exploring the possibility of making a transition, it would be great to speak to you.

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